We’re a husband and wife team who loves real conversations, passionate love, exciting adventures, belly laughs, family meals, and, of course, beautiful photos.




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 We love sharing our love with you, and you sharing yours with us. We love sharing our bold, unique, and exciting photography with you. We love sharing our timeless photographic keepsakes with you.

And, we love sharing all of these things with all couples in all corners of the world.




we are

currently :

A passionate Puerto Rican full of light and love. Self described as a sexy beast under construction. Described by others as the most kind and good person they’ve ever met. Cooking and eating his way around the world is his life’s purpose. He’s happiest enjoying a cold dark beer while listening to good music.

he is

dreaming of hammocks, sunshine, & a slight breeze

wanting to be the Hispanic
version of Chip & Joanna

currently :

A mama, photographer, traveler, lover, teacher, and finder of beauty. Furry friends make her heart explode. Sweet wine and dark beer make her taste buds happy. Delicious food is always on her mind. She could easily spend 90% of her life lost in a good book or a jigsaw puzzle.

book nerd

adventure seeker



dog lover



travel lover

sexy accent

wannabe chef

she is

Our handsome, smiley, loving, sweet baby boy is the love of our lives.


our baby boy

Our beautiful, spunky, cuddly, treat-loving, bath-hating, squirrel-chasing baby girl is the light of our lives.


our baby girl

We’ve collectively visited over 30 countries and 45 states. Our best life is lived while hiking in remote areas, eating in off the beaten path villages, and exploring the beauty of this world.


our best life

We are at peace together. Whether we're shaking our booties, photographing, exploring, eating, drinking, or anything else, we enjoy it most together.

our love

each other

things we love...

Like we said, we love sharing our story and love with others. So, in case you're interested, here's our love story...

It was the day before Memorial Day, 2015. A beautiful spring Sunday preceding a 12 hour wedding for me (Erica) and a 12 hour party day for Antonio. We both woke up feeling like crap and considered not going to the group hike at Hocking Hills that we had both RSVP'd yes to. Fortunately, we both pushed past the ill feelings and showed up ready to kick some hiking ass. The stars definitely aligned that day, as we both arrived early, allowing us the opportunity to meet each other before anyone else. We spent the three hour hike talking about food, speaking Spanish, and checking out each others' butts.
Talk about one hell of a meet cute! 

A little over a year later, in June of 2016, Antonio set the bar for proposals SUPER high when he asked me to marry him on the Great Wall of China. We were in the middle of a multi-day hike along an unmaintained section of the Wall. We set up our tents in one of the watchtowers on the Wall, finished eating our dinner that was homemade by a farmer in the area, and were toasting with a couple of delicious Chinese beers while watching the sunset. It was then and there when Antonio asked me to be his forever travel partner.

We planned our dream wedding in Puerto Rico, as homage to Antonio's island and family. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria ravaged the island just a few weeks before we were to say I Do. We were devastated at having to cancel our dream wedding, but wedding round-two ended up being completely perfect. We married on June 26, 2018 in Big Sur, California surrounded by 35 of our favorite people. We danced, we drank, we ate, we hugged, we laughed, we whale watched, we explored, and we loved with these wonderful people over the span of one glorious week.

Throughout our time together, we've traveled around the world and the U.S., drank dark beers on many a patio, bought a historic home in Columbus, Ohio, adopted our fur baby, Mandela, planned two weddings of our own, photographed countless weddings, birthed the most handsome little boy, and spent many laughter and food-filled nights with people we love and cherish.

Our story and our values are our WHY for everything we do at Erica Kay Photography. We love fiercely, we value others greatly, we cherish friendships and relationships, we strive to leave a legacy of happiness and kindness everywhere we go. And we do all of this with all of our EKP clients.